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We do the most famous Portuguese Wine Tasting in Lisbon. More than 1000 5* reviews can’t lie. You are invited on a journey to the heart of the Portuguese culture. It will be special & memorable, we promise.

Our team will take you in a trip from the North to the South of Portugal just with your glass (and amazing cheeses, charcuterie and ham too).

Wine is our passion. But we love to have fun with the wine. So, instead of those traditional formal and technical (and sometimes boring) wine tastings, we are promising you a really fun, informal and special experience. Passion is contagious. You are going to have a great time with us.

Most of the wines we serve at our Portuguese Wine Tasting have less than 6000 bottles in the market, so they are not in the big commercial circuit and you won’t find them outside Portugal. We get these little treasures from small producers, traditional families, passionate wine makers that have become friends. We are always tasting new things. And, when we fall in love with something, we are anxious to share it with you.

You will taste 5 top boutique Portuguese wines, from small producers (normally, 2 whites, 2 reds and 1 Port). The selection is always different. Our sommeliers choose having in mind the group, outside temperatures, new discoveries or just their mood.

The Lisbon wine tasting has a duration of 1h30 to 2 hours. It is done in groups with a maximum of 12 people, but it is also possible that you will be the only one in the tasting, depending on the bookings for that specific day and time.

Group Booking

If you are coming with a group, you can reserve from 1 to 20 people via the form on the right. If there is no availability showing, please send a message to the Lisbon Winery directly as we may be able to assist

What is


  • 5 top Portuguese small production wines (most of the wines served have less than 6000 bottles in the market)
  • Informal, informative & fun commentary in English by one of the top sommeliers in Lisbon
  • Premium board with Portuguese artisanal cheeses (6 different types) and Iberian pork charcuterie (6 different types), including the famous Pata Negra ham, long cure
  • Portuguese extra virgin olive oil tasting with commentary by specialist
  • Bread
  • Water

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Portuguese Wine Tasting

Lisbon Wine Tasting: We open a Vintage Port by fire for groups bigger than 10 people

Are you coming with a big group? The last wine of your Lisbon Wine Tasting will be a Vintage Port and our sommelier will open it by fire specially for you. This is ritual that is more than 200 years old and a unique moment that you will remember for ever. Rarely seen these days, this is a ritual that our team insists in preserving as a way of celebrating special occasions and keeping the old Port tradition alive.

Questions & Answers

Here are some of the most frequent questions that we get.

Can I just show up for the Lisbon Wine Tasting?
Yes, you can just show up, but we strongly recommend that you book in advance. Most of our Lisbon Wine Tastings sell out. Also, we very often close different rooms for private wine events. Take our advice: book online to guarantee your spot.

Someone in my group doesn’t drink wine. Can he/she participate?
You will have to send us a message with the information, so we can fit in that special situation.

I want to do the tasting at a different time. Is that possible?
Please send us a message with all the details and we will do our best to see if it is possible.

What is the legal drinking age in Portugal?
The legal drinking age is 18 years old. No alcohol is served to participants under 18.

Food restrictions

It is very important that, when booking your Lisbon wine tasting, you inform us of your food restrictions or allergies. When booking, you will be asked to include that information.

Please be aware that we are not a restaurant, but a wine bar and a wine tasting center and, for that reason, we are a bit more limited in terms of food alternatives.

For vegetarians, we have the option of reinforcing the cheese degustation.

We do not recommend the Lisbon Wine Tasting to vegans, as the cheese and charcuterie is a big part of the tasting experience.

We are able to offer gluten free bread, when informed in advance of this need.