Lisbon Romantic Wine Tasting
Creating a memory you won't forget
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Want to create a really special memory in Lisbon? We are here for you. Our Lisbon Romantic Wine Tasting is the perfect option to surprise your lover with a different and unique experience.

Our Lisbon Romantic Wine Tasting includes some of the best wines in our private wine collection. Special bottles, unique treasures and, of course, a top Port wine. A night of surprises that you won't forget.

The team of the Lisbon Winery is very romantic and has a soft spot for beautiful love stories… like yours. So, we will be working to create that unique memory for you and your special one. As always, with a smile and creativity. And tailoring the experience to you.

Here is what we do to make it special:

  1. we offer you our private wine room, so you can have all the privacy
  2. we ask you to share your Spotify playlist. Yes, that one with the special musics for the couple
  3. we take care of the lighting, including candles. We create a cozy, warm, romantic setting
  4. we decorate the room for the special evening
  5. we have a sommelier explaining all the wines just to you
  6. we ask you for a special year in your relationship and try to find bottles from that year (please note that we will do our best to include this, but we depend on the availability of that year in the market, so we are not able to guarantee this 100% before knowing the exact year)
  7. we have some surprises ready. We can not say more

Book online: 250€/person

The Lisbon Romantic Wine Tasting takes 1h30 to 2 hours

The Lisbon Romantic Wine Tasting is done in our private wine room

Reservations for the Lisbon Romantic Wine Tasting are done online and can only be confirmed after the full payment of the booking

We accept payments by credit card or PayPal

Cancellations with full refund accepted until 48 hours before the wine tasting (please check our cancellation policy; special rules apply to groups)

All couples welcome

If it is a love story, we love it

We have done the Lisbon Romantic Wine Tasting for heterosexual couples, homosexual couples and for three people

All love stories welcome

What is


  • 5 of the best Portuguese boutique wines in our collection (most of the wines served have less than 6000 bottles)
  • the last of the 5 wines served is a top Port 
  • Commentary in fluent English by one of the senior sommeliers
  • Tasting done in our private wine room
  • Premium board with Portuguese artisanal cheeses (6 different types) and Iberian pork charcuterie (6 different types), including the famous Pata Negra ham
  • Portuguese extra virgin olive oil tasting with commentary by specialist
  • Bread
  • Water

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Easy | Safe | Fast

We decorate our private room just for you

The love vibe will be on for this special occasion. Our team of romantics is ready to decor the private room just for your and your love one. We have hearts, chocolate and many more surprises.

Questions & Answers

Here are some of the most frequent questions that we get.

Can I just show up for the Lisbon Romantic Wine Tasting?
No. You will have to book the Lisbon Romantic Wine Tasting online. Why is this? Only this way we will be able to have the room ready with all the romantic decoration, the special wines and your music. We need to have everything ready when you come in.

One of us doesn’t drink wine. Can he/she participate?
You will have to send us a message with the information, so we can fit that special situation.

I want to do the tasting at a different time. Is that possible?
Please send us a message with all the details and we will do our best to see if it is possible.

What is the legal drinking age in Portugal?
The legal drinking age is 18 years old. No alcohol is served to participants under 18

Food restrictions

It is very important that, when booking your Lisbon Romantic Wine tasting, you inform us of your food restrictions or allergies. When booking, you will be asked to include that information.

Please be aware that we are not a restaurant, but a wine bar and a wine tasting center and, for that reason, we are a bit more limited in terms of food alternatives.

For vegetarians, we have the option of reinforcing the cheese degustation.

We do not recommend the Lisbon Wine Tasting to vegans, as the cheese and charcuterie is a big part of the tasting experience.

We are able to offer gluten free bread, when informed in advance of this need.