The Deluxe Wine Tasting
Our most exclusive experience
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Some of the best wines of our cellar commented by a top senior sommelier, just for you, in our private exclusive room and a journey that you will remember for a long time.

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Portuguese Wine Tasting

Our Deluxe Private Wine Tasting is our top experience and the result of more than 10 years working with the most exclusive wine producers in Portugal.

This tasting takes around 2 hours and offers an exclusive selection of five unique wines, each carefully curated by our team. Wines from small producers, the limited editions, the experiments, the wine that is out of the commercial circuit, the treasures we discover during our investigation trips around the country. We choose the best of the best for this special tasting.

The Deluxe Private Wine Tasting translates our absolute commitment to excellence and obsessive attention to details. Savor the moment as our senior sommelier guides you through each wine, sharing the knowledge and the passion for the world of fine wines. Immerse yourself in the stories behind these exceptional wines, the Portuguese grapes, the wine regions, the families.

This exclusive journey of discovery will take you from the North to the South of Portugal. Wines carefully harmonized with some of the most unique artisanal Portuguese cheeses and traditional Iberian Pork charcuterie, including 100% bolota. Taste the amazing Pata Negra ham, extra virgin olive oil from centennial trees, delicious artisanal jams and much more.

The Deluxe Private Wine Tasting is an exclusive sensory experience that you can book easily online. We offer flexible scheduling to suit your preference.

Book online: 250€/person

The Deluxe Private Wine Tasting takes around 2 hours

The Deluxe Private Wine Tasting is done in a private wine room

Reservations for the Deluxe Private Wine Tasting are done online and can only be confirmed after the full payment of the booking

We accept payments by credit card or PayPal

Cancellations with full refund accepted until 48 hours before the wine tasting (please check our cancellation policy; special rules apply to groups)

Choose your time

You can choose the best time for you to do this Deluxe Private Wine Tasting

You will be in our private wine room with your private senior sommelier

Minimum number of participants: 2 people

Maximum capacity of the private room: 12 people

What is


  • 5 of the best Portuguese boutique wines in our collection 
  • the last of the 5 wines served is a top Port 
  • Commentary in fluent English by one of the top senior sommeliers
  • Tasting done in our private wine room
  • Premium board with Portuguese artisanal cheeses (6 different types) and Iberian pork charcuterie (6 different types), including the famous Pata Negra ham
  • Portuguese extra virgin olive oil tasting with commentary by specialist
  • Bread
  • Water

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Easy | Safe | Fast

Our best sommeliers just for you

The best wines in our cellar, the best senior sommeliers of our team, the best artisanal Portuguese cheeses and charcuterie. Our Deluxe Private Wine Tasting will offer you all of this. You will remember this experience for a long time. This is our most exclusive and special event.

Questions & Answers

Here are some of the most frequent questions that we get.

Can I just show up for the Deluxe Private Wine Tasting?
No. You will have to book the Deluxe Private Wine Tasting online. Why is this? Only this way we will be able to have the room and special wines ready for you. We need to have everything ready when you come in.

One of us doesn’t drink wine. Can he/she participate?
You will have to send us a message with the information, so we can fit that special situation.

What is the legal drinking age in Portugal?
The legal drinking age is 18 years old. No alcohol is served to participants under 18

Food restrictions

It is very important that, when booking your Deluxe Private Wine Tasting, you inform us of your food restrictions or allergies. When booking, you will be asked to include that information.

Please be aware that we are not a restaurant, but a wine bar and a wine tasting center and, for that reason, we are a bit more limited in terms of food alternatives.

For vegetarians, we have the option of reinforcing the cheese degustation.

We do not recommend the Lisbon Wine Tasting to vegans, as the cheese and charcuterie is a big part of the tasting experience.

We are able to offer gluten free bread, when informed in advance of this need.